He Must be ‘The One’!…right?

Just because something we’re feeling is involuntary doesn’t mean it’s God.
Just because you like some one and the feelings won’t go away doesn’t mean “God won’t take them away so therefore it must be His will.”
That’s like saying just because the public won’t stop gawking over all the latest  Miley’s Cyrus twerking videos means that we like it and want to see more.
Understand; God’s perceived …lack of interference is not his expressed consent or approval.
God is not some tyrant who dictates your feelings, emotions and attractions. He does not go into your repertoire of feelings and destroys anything that doesn’t align with what He wants.
Instead He gives us things like self-control, wisdom, and the ability to pull down lofty thoughts so that we are moved by faith and not by sight–or feelings for that matter!
We are intricately complex beings with multiple layers of involuntary functions. Rather than blame God when your feelings don’t turn out to be him after all,  learn to submit every thought and inclination to the God of all wisdom, comfort and love.

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By Naida Lynn

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