Officially ‘In’, so help me God!

So “Operation: Naida Lynn Pursues Her Music Career” is officially in full swing!!

And what do I have to say for it? Help me Lord!!

It’s crazy; on the one hand, I am super excited that many of my dreams are coming true before my eyes. But on the other, I’m being really stretched because of how challenging this season is!

This is why it’s so important to value every season that we’re in and stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Truth is, every season has it’s ‘roses’ so to speak, but they’ve also got their thorns! Woe to the person who lives every day saving contentment for when the future comes. There’s always a next place to go and new challenges to learn to overcome.

Personally, my challenges are learning to balance my full-time job while pursing my music career. It’s actually quite comical watching me doing both!


My day yesterday went a little something like this

10:30am- Presentation to room full of students on the basics of job searching.

11:00am- Go to my car and be interviewed on a radio station regarding my song, “Ready to Fly”

11:30am- Back to my desk to continue doing what Career Advisor’s do.

6:00pm- Conversation with my Producer determining final album edits and suggested order of tracks for my album.

7:30pm- Prepare one of my student’s for her interview the following day

8:00pm to 1:00am- Brainstorm and implement strategies in preparation of releasing my single on December 4th.


Next day, I wake up and it’s repeat.

I’ll be honest; I look forward to the day when all I have to focus on is my music. Until then, I choose to be grateful that I have a job that helps pay my bills. I also have amazing co-workers who make me laugh, smile, and enjoy the craziness that goes on in the Career Center where we work.

Gratitude :-). As Thanksgiving approaches, I make a deliberate choice to remind myself of all the things I’m grateful for and not just things that are hard.



Enjoying the ride,


Naida Lynn



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