Happy Birthday to Me!


Once Upon a Time
Twenty-eight years ago
My mother gave birth
To this girl that you know

But what a surprise
And oh what a joy!
To discover their baby
Was not a boy

So much were they sure
I would be a ‘he’
That they bought all things blue
–Signed to cut my ‘pee pee’

But low and behold
There I lay
A tiny little princess
Here to stay

Fast forward to now
And few things have changed
I still keep ‘em guessing
‘Oh wow!’ is my name

I love who I am
And I’m grateful to say
That today truly is
My Happy Birthday


– The Birthday Girl!


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Daughter of the King


Photo Credit: www.timedbeautybySally.com

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By Naida Lynn


  • Bonnie Be

    10 Jan 2016 / Reply

    Happy Birthday Daughter of the King! Beautiful inside and out!

  • Jenny Duprevil

    19 Jan 2016 / Reply

    Life! Life! and More Life!! These Pics are Life girl!
    P.S. You just keep on spreading Life! Everything you touch, smile at, and man, just your presence alone. (The God of Naida is real!

    • Naida Lynn

      20 Jan 2016 / Reply

      Awwwww!!!! :’-). You encourage me so much every time you say that!! 😘😘 Though you know, it takes a Life-Giver to KNOW a Life-Giver!! 😉 You keep spreading that life too!

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