The Day Depression Ran Away


I’m going out on a limb right now.

Some people may roll their eyes and others may just keep scrolling.

But for the one who has been gasping for air beneath the weight of what I’m about to talk about, this one is for you.

Last night I dreamt that a close friend of mine texted me a suicide note. Hopeless and tired, this friend apologized and then said goodbye before taking their life. As I was waking up from this dream, I heard the lyrics to a song I’d written titled, “Always Hope”. The specific words I heard were,

When your strength is failing
[And you] don’t know what to do
Keep your heartbeat going
You will make it through
For your future’s brighter
Than you even know
In this trying life
There is always hope


When I woke up, I texted this friend of mine to tell her how loved she is and the fact that I believe God wants to usher in a new season of hope in her life.

She politely thanked me and that was that.

But as I was on my morning walk today, I realized that this message was indeed for her, but also for many of you who are reading this.

I’m about to go after a topic that is taboo and underrated and yet is very lethal.




If any or all of those 3 things have been tormenting you, weighing you down, or clouding your ability to just live—I want talk to you.

Imagine we are in a coffee shop—just you and I—and I am looking intently into your eyes with a comforting arm on your shoulder. With all earnestness, speaking straight to your heart, I whisper, “Friend, a new day has come. Depression, suicidal thoughts, and heaviness are shaking in their boots because they’re not gonna be able to call the shots in your life anymore. Your true, joyful, hopeful self is so powerful, that they’re afraid of what will happen when you realize that’s really who you are! Look up to heaven and realize that there is Someone greater than these ugly demons Who has ZERO tolerance for the foolery that these intruders have been inflicting on you. The buck stops here.

“This SOMEONE is your Creator—the Author of your life and a Friend that wants to help you get out of the dark hole you’ve been in.

“Can you dare to believe it? Can you dare to see yourself no longer living with those trespassers? Cuz that’s what they are. They have no right to keep you back from experiencing the life God created for you to have!

“As hard and seemingly impossible as it may feel, I want you to think about what it would be like to be FREE of those demons. Close your eyes and envision a new you in 2016–taking a deep breath of fresh air and literally, tangibly feeling:



and JOY.

“That kind of reality is calling your name. It is your destiny.

“Can I pray for you?”

[By this point, your heart is beating faster and you can feel something bubbling inside. In the midst of the dreary fog, you can see a light piercing through. Dare you say it? You actually feel…hope.]

We bow our heads to pray.

“Pappa, thank you for my friend here. Thank you because you gave me that dream, reminded me of that song, and led me to share this message specifically for this friend. Now, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirit of depression, suicide, and heaviness. You guys aren’t welcomed here anymore and you’ve got to go! [Right on cue, they leave]. And now, [I say this part smiling], I command LIFE and HOPE to rise up from the very core of your being!! I bless your spirit to awaken to a new life where joy is normal and light-heartedness is your daily bread! 🙂 Freedom is yours my friend! Breath it in, and know you. are. free.”

Haha, hi again! What was that like? Have you ever experienced depression and/or what it’s like to get on the other side? Please share your thoughts below.

If you’re still reading at this point, I’ve got just a few more things to share.

The first is, I there were 6 specific names of people who were highlighted to me and who I believe will really experience breakthrough in this area. They are:

  1. Carolyn
  2. Meredith
  3. Sara
  4. Tomas
  5. Julien
  6. Steve

If that’s your name and you’ve identified a bunch with this post, then here’s the message for you, “Let the weight of this world fall off your shoulders.” In writing this, I by no means want to underestimate how difficult and debilitating depression is. As someone who has also experienced depression in the past, I know how overbearing it can be. But as someone who now experiences a Larger-Than-Life, bursting at the seems, joy filled life, I can attest that freedom IS possible! Depression ran away from me and God wants to chase it out your doors too.


If you’re reading this post and this isn’t really something you struggle with, please join me today in prayer for those who do. There are many friends out there who are barely able to keep their heads up. In fact, some of them have probably already written their suicide notes. BUT WE CAN INTERCEPT THAT! Tell someone you know today how valuable they are and be the voice that commands the stupid critters of depression, suicide, and heaviness to leave them alone! Your voice is powerful and you can change someone’s life for good!

I leave you all with a song I love called “It’s Not Over Yet” by one of my favorite bands, for KING & Country.

Just remember that in life, we may have many troubles. But even still, there is always, emphatically, amazingly, reason to hope!


–Naida Lynn

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