Make a Wish! Take a Breath.

I am the Happiest Person I Know!I’m in a place in life where I’m learning how to embrace both my strengths and my weaknesses. And when I say that, I mostly mean my weaknesses!

You see, I have a Type ‘A’ personality. And if you’re anything like me, you know how excruciatingly difficult  it can be to just RELAX and trust the process of life. Us go-getters want to control everything and want to see results right away!

But oh how lovely it is when reality reminds us that we can only go so far telling the future what to do! That’s because the only predictable thing about life is its unpredictability!

When we get all wrapped up in things working out how we want and when we plan (i.e., I need to be married by this age, own my own business by that age, and be having coffee dates with Oprah by 35), we can really set ourselves up for disappointment!

Not that we shouldn’t dream! But we need to learn to balance our pursuits with a respect and appreciation for the natural rhythms of life.

Sometimes doors open when we knock and other times, they remain iron shut! What can be frustrating sometimes is that we don’t always know why!  One minute, we think we know exactly what we’re doing, and the next we’re like, “Wait, what just happened? What is life right now?” (haha) Don’t know about you but that totally seems to be my world these days! If you’re on the same boat, I’m here to tell you that IT’S OKAY!

Dream Big. Go hard after those dreams. Then chill the hickety-heck out!! lol

That’s where I’ve landed with this whole thing. I live life one step at a time–aspiring to change the world but pausing to take in the beauty, the freedom, and the joys of life TODAY!

Here’s a short video, which shows a glimpse into how I live this out in my day-to-day!

Thanks for hanging and see ya later!


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By Naida Lynn

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  • Jenny Duprevil

    01 Mar 2016 / Reply

    Sooo True!! Amen sis

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