The Key to Contentment

FullSizeRender-3I was walking through Target, looking for a new blender, when it occurred to me that I had a frown glued to my face. It then dawned on me that lately my countenance has been slightly dampened.

As I pondered why that was, I realized that it was directly related to the fact that I was overly occupied with what I lacked in my life verses appreciating the things I do have going on.

Why do we tend to do that as humans?

Truth is, at any give point in our lives, we are exactly where we are and thus, by default, absolutely aren’t where we are not.

We can literally work ourselves up into sheer discontentment  by incessantly dwelling on where we aren’t versus appreciating the good in where we ARE!

There is no grace where we’re not–(ie, the future, a desired outcome, or an anticipated destination.) There is only grace for TODAY…right now. The present.

For every trial there is strength. For every heart ache there is comfort. For every area where we have lack, there is provision in another part of our lives, which someone, somewhere wishes they had HALF of what we do.

We must count our blessings if we are to learn to be content in every season. We must allow ourselves to have JOY, which is ours for the taking if we’ll have it.



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By Naida Lynn

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