Conquering Rome: Starting Today!

14264200_10154596282375625_8350617644575065173_nSo lately I’ve had a burning desire to WRITE.

I dream of becoming a successful writer who contributes AMAZING, life-changing literature to humanity, makes it on New York Times’ Best Seller list, and gets interviewed by Oprah!

Songwriting–and writing in general–has always been a passion of mine…but it’s also something that takes a ton out of me.

Words flow easily from my mouth and yet take so much time, energy, and effort before I can pen what I actually want to articulate. For instance, in this post alone, I’ve already started and stopped, wrote and erased, felt like I should just give up and then got inspired again!

In spite of the struggle, I have decided to pick up the pieces where I left off months ago, and begin blogging again.

Haha guess what? JUST as I wrote that last sentence, I literally heard the voices of doubt say, “Yeah, right! How long will that last? You’re not gonna follow through. Just give up.”

But it’s BECAUSE of this doubt that I know that I need to write. I recognize that the opposition I’m facing is just a sign that maybe, just maybe, I’m on to something.


They say failure is not failure until you’ve given up—And I have not.

And I will not.

My path to success has had more dead-ends and pauses than I care to elaborate on but my destination remains sure.


Rome was not conquered in a day but the daily steps towards it’s transformation made all the difference.

Here’s to one more day of starting again.


Naida Lynn

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