When Greatness Calls

‘Epic-ness’ has a certain smell that beckons me whenever I perceive it.


Whether a person, a cause, or an organization—I feel drawn to G R E A T N E S S like a magnet.

Suddenly all I want to do is befriend, join, serve or ask a gazillion questions!

                             Is that shallow?

Sometimes I question  my motive for why I want to draw near to those doing great things.

Am I just genuinely inspired? Or are my advances toward them a selfish act wherein I subconsciously try to network for what I think I can eventually get?

The latter notion makes me nauseous. 

I KNOW what it’s like to have someone give you that glazed look; surfacely impressed, mouth salivating with money signs in their eyes. All they can see is how association with you benefits them; they utterly can’t SEE you–the true you. 

Nothing is further from my heart.

Truth be told, what I love most about hanging with world-changers is picking their brains! lol I want to hear their stories and feel what it’s like to experience life through their imperfect yet boundary-shattering vantage points!


             …..Where do you even freakin’ COME from doing such transformative work? How did you begin? What fueled your ability to press past setbacks unto history-making gold?!?


They say the only people who change the world are those who actually believe that they can do it.

Naturally the question follows:

                              When did I convert?


Something deep within my core KNOWS that greatness is my destiny and all I want to do on this “Before” side of the journey is catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live in the “After”.

                                  Birds of a feather flock together.

THIS is why greatness calls my name when the rest of the pack comes around.


Give me a minute, fam; I’m coming.

—Naida Lynn

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By Naida Lynn

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