The Appearance of Things

img_0631Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and have had time to digest all the food I ate the night before, my stomach looks nice and flat!

When that happens (like it did this morning), all I have to do is tighten my abs a little, face the mirror from my most flattering angle, and BAM! I look like a million bucks!

What’s interesting is that while I am adamant about putting in the work to get the body I want, (i.e., avoiding crap food and staying active), sometimes I forget WHY I do what I do.

You see, I don’t work out and TRY to eat healthy (key word try) JUST so I can look Sexy AF. I do those things first and foremost so that I can be healthy. I want to steward my body well, live a long life, have the energy I need to accomplish my goals, and overall take care of me.


But almost everything in our culture today seems to be purely about LOOKING good.

We spend tons of money on plastic surgery and quick slimming pills or we become gym addicts— constantly weighing ourselves, counting every calorie, and ever judging people by how ‘skinny or fat’ they are. Whatever form it comes in, this type of obsession with looks will never satisfy!

What good is it to externally have what everyone wants while you yourself are constantly dissatisfied? What’s the point of trying to reach an ever changing goal post that only makes you miserable trying to keep up? Unfortunately, too many of us get stuck on that hamster wheel—always trying to be where we’re not and never stopping to love ourselves on the journey. Years later, we kick ourselves for not accepting then what we wish we still had today.

It’s time to wake up, people!  BE-ing will always trump APPEAR-ing. And learning to love/accept yourself as you are today will always be the bedrock for any lasting transformation you wish to see externally. 


No matter where you’re at, I hope that you ask the questions I had to ask myself this img_0632morning.

“Naida, never mind what you look like on an empty stomach; Answer me this instead: have you fed this body well nutritionally? Have you exercised lately? Have you been good to this body from the inside out?”

If my answer today is ‘yes’, then that’s what matters most. 

……………….Ain’t nothing wrong if I look good as a result!! lol But let that be a byproduct of pursuing overall health—not a carrot on a stick.


Naida Lynn

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