When Taking Initiative Gets You In Trouble

Screen-Shot-2013-02-27-at-3.15.01-PMToday, for the 2nd time in a few months, I got reprimanded for creating flyers for ‘events’ without clearing it by the decision-makers first. 

As you know, I am a singer. I am also a worship leader, speaker and performing Songtrepreneur. So I get asked to sing/lead/speak at all kinds of events all the time. 

Well, as someone who creates most of her own marketing materials and who is also in the process of learning about branding/business marketability, sometimes my go-getter, “Take Initiative” self hits a wall called, “Little girl, slow your roll!!” 😂😂

I laugh now but when each incident happened, I fell into an intital crap-storm of embarrassment & shame!  Especially when I found out I could no longer sing at the first event, which was HUGE!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I made it out alive and am here to share the Top 3 Lessons I learned from them!

#1 Creating SIMPLE FLYERS are a lot Easier Than They Look:

This one isn’t new to me, as I’ve been creating my own flyers for a while. But I realized while writing this blog that perhaps you don’t and so I wanted to share what programs I use as a bonus to say thanks for reading my thoughts here! Ha

So how do I make my posters like the one I made below here? 


Well, I typically use 1 of 2 Websites–PicMonkey. or Canva. With them, I am able to make word graphics, quotes, posters, flyers–you name it! Both of them also have apps that you can download onto your phone! 

(Here’s a quick  VIDEO tutorial I created to show you how to use the app!)

Of course ultimately, we all want to hire professionals to design our stuff so they look incredible. But if you happen to have a knack for design and/or are in the DIY phase of your business like I am, then these 2 websites are the perfect solution for you!

#2 Sometimes You Fail Miserably & It’s Okay:

As I mentioned, the first time I was reprimanded after taking the initiative to post a flyer I designed, I was pulled from the whole event. That event happened to have been to sing in front of a very important Public Figure! By the time I got cancelled, I had already spent a ton of time rehearsing, telling all of my friends and family, and preparing what I would wear.

Y’all, there is no pretty way to say it; I messed up big time!! lol I didn’t realize the level of branding scrutiny that comes into play when dealing with someone of such prominence! I felt like such an amateur–a tiny little bug squashed to smithereens! lol

It took me a least a week to recover from that! But after finding myself facing a similar branding blunder today, my shame cloud came right back! However this time, it only hovered for a few hours!

Eventually I got over myself and instead, began to commend myself for having stepped out and not being afraid to mess up! And that’s just it! Twice, my well-meaning attempts to take initiative and be proactive were shut down. Nevertheless, neither these things nor any other misstep I’ll no-doubt take in the future, are  going to detract me from taking risks and trying new things! 

You see, if you and I want to succeed in life and do great things, we have to make peace with the fact that we’ll most likely make mistakes. We’ve gotta learn to just be okay with missing the mark from time to time. In fact, the most successful people in life have failed more times that most people realize!

(Read: 15 Highly Successful People Who Failed on Their Way to Success)

Moral of the story? Go mess up some more, get back up, and regroup. After all, failure isn’t failure until you give up! 

#3 Second Chances Will Come Again

I’m grateful to report that neither situations ended up being ‘the death of my caIMG_3926reer’ like they initially felt like they’d be. The event organizers from the first event ended up reaching out to me twice since then and recently, I was able to perform in front of several world changers instead of just that one! 

As I prep to go to bed this evening, I realize I still haven’t figured out if this blog is fully for you or if it’s just my way of processing Round 2 of a very funky roller coaster! lol

Either way, I’m grateful to every one of my readers (That’s You!) and love that you’re on this very transparent, bumpy, yet adventurous ride with me! 

Until next time, 



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By Naida Lynn

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